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MEGURU -Japanese Muskmelon &. Cantaloupe Parfait

MEGURU -Japanese Muskmelon &. Cantaloupe Parfait

Although the name "melon" may be the same, the reality of melons varies.
Melons cannot be summed up in a single word.
Cantaloupe (Red-fleshed melon) have a deep flavor.
Muskmelon (blue-fleshed melon) have a clear sweetness.
By facing each of them, we can see differences that we could not see before.

We tend to judge them in a "symbolic" way.
But when we really face each of them, we can see the difference.

This is a parfait of early summer, which is in season now, that will renew such feelings. Please enjoy this melon parfait filled with sweetness.

*We purchase the best melons possible at the Kyoto Central Market. Prices range from 2,500~3,500 yen depending on the market conditions such as the region of production.

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